Defense Logistics Agency

Defense Contractor Casting Acquistion Survey

As the basis to develop the content of this resource, a survey was conducted among defense contractors.

This research was conducted via telephone by Skyhawk Resources, LLC. The contact list was supplied by NFFS and consisted of nearly 800 companies that have historically supplied parts with cast components based on procurment history records of National Stock Numbers with confirmed casting content. The purpose of the research was to gain insight into the relationship DLA contractors have with
their foundry suppliers.

The results of the survey validated the supposition for a need to develop a resource that will assist defense contractors that are buying castings for government order fulfillment.

Key data from the survey is as follows:

Casting Problems

Tables 2 and 3 support the premise that the higher the level of DOD business a contractor has, the greater the probability of problems with foundries and castings, as well as contract cancellation.

Types of Casting Problems

Foundry Selection Impediments

Biggest Casting Procurement Impediments