Supplier Search

To use the Defense Casting Supplier Database, the user has the option of searching by any one or a combination of the following parameters:

  • Company Name: Partial or full name of the company. It is recommended to omit words and abbreviations from the name search that are not critical. (ex. co, ltd, llc, etc.)
  • CAGE Code: Search using a supplier's 5 character alpha numeric code
  • State: Click on a state abbreviation or select multiple states by holding down the control key while selecting states.
  • Rapid Tooling/Low Volume: Default selection is set to no. If rapid tooling capabilities or low quantity ordering is important, select yes for one or both to identify those companies that have these capabilities.
  • Business Classification: Search companies that belong to a specific socio-economic government classification.
  • Federal Supply Code: Select a federal supply class or multiple using the CTRL key to find companies that have historically made parts within a class.
  • Casting Processes: Select the casting process or processes if known. The casting process and materials are the two most important identifiers when narrowing your search to find a supplier.
  • Secondary Operations: If you need a supplier that can do more than manufacture a raw casting, these common secondary operations will help you identify a supplier that fits your particular needs.
  • Materials: There are 5 categories of materials that can be selected - Aluminum, Copper-Based, Iron, Steel, and Other nonferrous. Select a material category to enable the casting weight and alloy selection searches related to that material. Note: Only one material may be selected for each search.
  • Casting Weight: If the approximate weight of the casting is known, select the weight range from the drop down menu. A supplier's casting weight capability will often vary depending on the material.
  • Alloy Selection: For a more specific search for material, you may select a material alloy designation (Copper & Aluminum) or a material classification (Steel, Iron & Other nonferrous) to narrow your search. If no specific alloy is selected, the database will search the material in general.

The search engine will produce a list of hyperlinks to one or more companies matching the criteria specified. The user will select the hyperlink for the company that they would like to see additional information.